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    I am conducting a survey on attitudes towards passive investing (with a focus on index funds e.g. Vanguard Index 500) as part of my final year dissertation. The aim of the survey is to gain an insight into the reasons people are increasingly attracted to passive investment vehicles as opposed to managed active funds. I am very grateful for any responses and I will post the results for anyone who is interested. It should take about 2 minutes to fill out.

    A random participant will win a $20 (or equivalent currency) Amazon gift voucher.

    Note: You do not have to leave an email address but if you don’t you will not have a chance to win a gift voucher.
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    OK:cool::cool:[Edit note;seen plenty of charts in WSJ + IBD. ETFs are trending to exceeed active managed stock funds ; + ETFs management fees are trending down . Did the survey.If you dont get the response you want; try paying a $1 or like an Chicago AP survey, everyone get a $5 card.

    Vanguard has low fees, for sure ; i use SPY, all my charts are SPY+ used to them@
    thier levels
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    Here's an article that came out right before the final February and October 2018 blow-outs.

    I suspect the results conducted with the same parameters now would yield similar results, because the basis for the dissatisfaction is the same.
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    Thanks for doing it. I'm not looking for a particular result but I suspect on average people will show a preference for passive funds.

    Yeah that makes sense. So far a lot of people are citing fees as an attractive aspect of index funds, performance as well, but fees appear to be a dominating feature.
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    Exactly ABogle; and liquid ETFs buy or sell any time of the day. That's where the trends are heading;ETFs. NOT a prediction, but most likely will have always have funds like Fidelity ContraFund; they have beaten S&P 500/SPY for decades.:caution::caution:,:cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool:

    I did a survey for IBD [Investors Business Daily][ one time; they gave/mailed me a helpful book, updated .Amazing what some will give away.............