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    @challengeexpertofficial used to initially give shout outs to FTMO achievers on their Instagram account. I also sent them my certificate to give me a shoutout. Later they changed their Instagram account into business account. They started to charge people showing our certificates as an evidence of their achievement. I was never their client. I did FTMO on my own. They posted my certificate and later cashed it out. They scammed people saying we do challenges on behalf of our clients and charged them thousand dollars. Be aware!
    +1 (647) 835-8504
    Telegram @challengeexperts
  2. Thank you for the warning.

    How anyone can put their trust into these operations without doing research is beyond me...
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    Your next new thread will also be about

    XYZ is a SCAM.

    Do note that there are millions of scammers in this world.

    don't do business with scammers.
    destroy / disturb / irritate the scammer.
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    Ive done FTMO challenge on my own. @challengeexpertofficial is the Instagram account which is sharing my certificate without my consent and their clients reached out to me on Instagram. They didn’t scam me directly. They misused my certificate. This review is just to warn others. I never paid them but the people reached out to me after seeing my certificate did.
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    The only guy who scammed me is Mr. Gayan Lakshantha (from Srilanka) the guy who’s selling Boom and Crash bot is a scammer. I transferred Mr. Herath Mudhiyanselage Gayan Lakshantha $190 for HFT bot. He scammed me. I posted reviews about him online. He reached out to me after reading reviews. He asked me to delete reviews so he could compensate me with Boom and Crash bot but then he started to ask more money for the boom and crash bot. When I refused to pay him more and I asked for my $190 payment refund he said I should continue writing reviews. (Attaching Evidences Below). Mr. Gayan Lakshantha enabled only one Crash Boom Indice Crash 500 Index on my account. When I asked him for more indices he asked me for more money. I told him I won’t pay him until I make something out of it. He showed his true colours. He wanted me to pay him more for the boom and crash bot. All he wants is advance payment. Once you pay him he starts to ignore you. That’s what he did when I transferred him $190. He told me he will charge $400 for Crash and Boom bot. Same day I messaged him anonymously on his website and he said he will charge $250 for the same Boom and Crash bot. There’s no fix price of his bots. He quotes different prices to everyone. Mr. Gayan Lakshantha keeps on buying time. He never wants to fix the problem peacefully. He just wants to scam innocent people online. He’s a scammer. Don’t fall for him!

    He has a fake Facebook profile Edi Rusvandi

    WhatsApp +1 (601) 392-0133
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    Welp, now that you have discovered his scam, you should not fall for it ever again. Right?
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    Im sure I’m not the only one who got scammed by Mr. Gayan Lakshantha. Somebody reached out to me with a $650 receipt (Attaching it below). He’s scamming people since years now. Like I said I saw a HFT bot history on a real money account before paying him $190. He’s too good at scamming people. He reached out to me himself after my reviews. I thought he would stick to his words and resolve my issue. He didn’t and that is the reason I’m posting about it again. If I let it go somebody else will fall for him just like I did.
    He has a huge number of subscribers on YouTube. His location on YouTube says United States but he’s basically from Srilanka. I’ve written an email to Srilanka IG police too about cyber scam. maybe for a lot of people it’s just $190 but for me it’s the time which he wasted and the energy I’ve put into all this to trace him down.
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    Thank you for the service you have done for the ET community. Was quite the sacrifice.

    Now let the smarter people of ET trade some FX?
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    Sure , good luck !
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