Passed SwiftTrade?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by jjgallow, Mar 27, 2006.

How should I respond to being...passed SwiftTrade?

  1. Get over yourself and ask when to apply next.

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  2. Inquire what they would have liked to see.

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  3. Don't ever, ever trade again.

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  4. Inquire into more reputable prop firms.

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  5. Consider it an act of God, in your favour, that you don't have to work for them.

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  1. jjgallow


    Some would say that my mere ability to post in this forum would indicate that I am an excellent SwiftTrade prospect.

    I am here to prove you wrong!

    I have applied for SwiftTrade in the past, only to discover AFTER being hired that their training session was immediately pending and I would not be able to switch my work hours in time.

    Last thursday (over a year later), I applied again. I learned that they now have a 3-part interview. The first part of the interview involved questions like:

    "what gets you the most excited about trading stocks?"

    -I try not to get excited while trading.

    "are you okay with not making any money for 5 months?"

    -yes. have arrainged my work schedule to accomodate this.

    At the end of the interview, I was asked if I had any questions. This individual had not introduced themself, and had a name that was definitely not Fred, or Bob. I knew this by reading their name from email correspondence. I asked,

    "yes. what do you prefer to be called?"

    Which was met by uncontrollable laughter, and no reply...then awkward silence. I was then informed to check my email for the second interview.

    I suppose I could have answered parts of my interview better, particularly the last question (which I didn't read properly). All in all though, I thought it was reasonable considering, this was, SwiftTrade. I rattled off answers in about 20 minutes (I was allowed 10 lines per answer) and submitted it back. I've attached the same document....without alterations, in this post.

    They are now late in responding to me. If I had applied for an executive position at a major bank, I would think, "oh well". Being SwiftTrade, it's a major kick in the ass.

    What should I do?
  2. Eazy


    Maybe you're just giving them answers they want to hear and it may seem too obvious to them. They possibly want someone with no preconceptions.

    I have my first interview sometime within the next month.

    In question 3 you continue to answer the previous question. It looks like you've almost done too much research and are trying too hard to make your answers perfect. The questions are simply worded. Maybe you should just take them at face value and not apply them to working at Swift. I dont know.
  3. mnx


    your answers aren't bad...

    some of the questions are kinda lame if you ask me... how many ways can you ask the same sort of question...

    I got that driving to the airport question in my interview, except I was late for a job interview and my car broke down... they're just looking to see how you act in a stressful situation... if you give a half decent answer it shows you can think/act quick...

    based on your answers I'd definitely give you a shot... although I'm not a manager.....

    give them a call, ask how the hiring process is going...

    my 2 cents...

  4. Those questions were ridiculous. They have absolutely zero bearing on whether or not you could be a good trader.
    When I first went into my firm 9 years ago, I didn't even know what a bid/offer was. I watched my friend trading, and his screen looked like multicolored was total chaos.

    If Swift can "hire" people from third world countries to churn for rebates, then they have no f*cking business asking anyone to take some asinine quiz.
  5. The questions you were asked are totally irrelevant as Swift does not allow overnight positions.

    They might as well have asked you if you prefer Krispy Kreme donuts to Tim Horton's. That would have had the same relevance.

    A better question would be .......

    "You have just pounded into a massive position when the software crashes for the 2nd time that week. The typical 'log out and log back on' BS from head office fails to rectify the problem."
    What do you do?

    They should simply ask you if you are OK with making no dough for an extended amount of time and if you can figure EVERYTHING out for yourself as those in charge typically have limited knowledge.

    P.S. ...... I think you probably baffled the interviewer when you wrote of Elliot Wave theory.
  6. neilcoll


    Why are you bothering with swifttrade...??? I only ever here bad things about them...There are lost of good prop firms out there..... I'm sure one would give you a shot...

    Which one did you apply to??
  7. mcelitetrader

    mcelitetrader ET Sponsor


    Have to give you the answer you dont want to hear...

    Dont assume that swift is going to hire you just because you think they should. This is the entire reason they have a job interview process....just like any other company would.

    The idea that Swift is a sub-standard firm and is below you reeks of an elitist view that the trading world has a tendency to smash to bits. Trading is a meritocracy and I am reminded of this everyday...Either you didnt meet their standards or you didnt get along with the head traders..the people you would be working with every day. Prove yourself or not....Deal with it.

    The earlier post made the comment of finding out why you were not hired. This is solid advice. This is something I would do if I was turned down for any job. Swift in the end is a company.

    Swift gave me a start and I have good things to say to about them for that. Beyond that not so much. Regardless.....dissing Swift because you weren't hired is ignoring reality.

    Good luck with your future trading endeavours.
  8. landboy


    It's understandable that Swift would be your first choice... they've made an ACTIVE attempt to recruit new grads, ANYBODY who graduates with a Biz undergrad and needs a job within the field... Many prospects don't know much better and I can totally understand them feeling pretty good about getting a "three-part" interview with a firm that states that the "opportunities are endless, you make your own success"

    It's a business thing... When I was doing the rounds during my last year in undergrad I was wined, dined, interviewed... I swear I wore a suit more days than I did my student scrubs... And when I didn't really get what I was looking for Swift sounds ok, an office environment, no need to SELL (god i was offered a million essentially telemarketing jobs)...

    I agree NeilColl that there's definitely better, especially if this guy is in the States, but there's a reason Swift actively seeks new grads, they're young hungry, a little naive, and will work for nothing!!

    Good luck with the next interview!~
  9. askme


    TraderBlue you should change your username to Momo_Blue :), that way everyone who bashes Swift has Momo in
  10. every answer you give reeks of condescension, and preachiness.


    this is a job interview, but you try to sound like a professor.

    generally speaking, interviewers don't want to be preached to...

    just a hint...
    #10     Mar 27, 2006
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