Passaic city propose charging fees to fight fires

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  1. Passaic city of NJ proposes charging homeowner/business owners set fees
    to send fire trucks to extinguish the fire at a property.
    Charges depend on how many trucks and how bad the fire is.
    This story is being covered on Fox NY news this morning, so I will try to get a link to the story today.

    personal thought, if this passed, would some people take on fires themselves in fear of being charged a fee and lead to increased dangers.
  2. Lucrum


    I thought property taxes generally already paid for fire department services.
    Now residents have to pay twice?
  3. JamesL


    It's covered by their insurance policy.
  4. Can an insurance company decline to pay such fees ?
    If so the homeowner/ business / auto owner would be responsible according to this

    " The ordinance up for City Council adoption on April 3 would charge “any person or insurance carrier” for the costs of firefighting materials, labor and equipment.

    How will this affect insurance costs, will insurance companies raise premiums to offset these fees ?
    Auto insurance in NY/ NJ is far too steep as is now.