Pasadena - So Cal Traders?

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by wizzio, Jan 26, 2006.

  1. wizzio


    Hey Everyone,

    Just curious if there are any So Cal - Pasadena based traders?

    I own a computer gaming center and trade from there in the mornings.

    Could be interesting to just brain storm and exchange ideas with other traders.

    Maybe setup a monthly meeting?

    I trade futures, equities and some forex but always eager to learn more!
  2. swheat


    Hello. I grew up in Pasadena. I live in OC now but I am sometimes in the area. I travel a lot to West LA. I am not a trader per se anymore. I decided to follow (more or less) a philosophy of modern portfolio management. I finally started making money consistently. I havent looked back.
  3. Deptrai


    A monthly meeting sounds cool. I am from OC.
  4. Some time ago a small meeting club was attemped - based out of Manhattan Beach area. I dont think it went anywhere......

    Anyway, there are quite a few traders in the LA area ....I'm sure if someone came up with actual valuable information exchanges people would show up ... but coordinating all this for free is a big time committment ......

    A little breezy up near the foothills the last week ? ..... I Love LA.
  5. smallfil



    Don't want to seem dumb but, what exactly is "a philosophy of modern portfolio management?" What does that mean? Is that a style or method of investing that can easily be learned?
    Would appreciate a response. Thanks.
  6. swheat