Pasadena, CA, looking to start a trading group

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by slaran, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. slaran



    I trade mainly futures (equity minis, energies (cl, ng), metals) and would like to form a group of traders.

    I am not certain to where it may lead but if we are good enough perhaps we can form a CTA.

    I am willing to offer my office as a place to trade as long as we can put some ideas together and work together. I run a small IT company and there is some space and time for me to trade.

    I'm profitable myself, but I would like to try to work with others to take it to the next level and build a support system. Most of the "commodities trading" chop shops are pretty scammy out there, either looking to sell your their software, their "training," or earn your commission flow. Some seem pretty fair with a combine and all, but their requirements are a bit too strict and not what I am looking for.

    If you trade futures and are in the area, please drop me a note and we can talk about ways to collaborate.