Party Time For Solar ....

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    We believe that a global energy solution has to plug into existing power grids. Solar panels on rooftops are great, but they can't power industries or deliver enough electric power to many of the densely populated urban centers. So, we are creating and building our own solar power plants based on our proprietary concentrated-photovoltaic (CPV) technology. These plants—which will deliver not kilowatts, or even megawatts, but gigawatts of power—have the potential to "reshape solar energy" by providing clean power at a scale that will make a difference. Cool Earth's plants will compete economically head-to-head with electrical plants fired by coal and other conventional fossil fuels.

    Our technology is not waiting for yet another miracle. It requires no government subsidies, uses no rare elements or expensive materials. Our design is scalable, and our architecture minimizes resources, making use of inexpensive and free materials such as thin film plastic and air. This approach radically reduces material requirements as well as plant deployment costs and time. With the cost per kilowatt-hour brought into a competitive range, the benefits of solar energy—clean, renewable, environmentally responsible—will have a chance to shine.

    Bottom line: A clean energy solution that massively scales to meet the world's power demands at prices competitive with traditional fossil fuels.
  2. That Solar stuff is all bullshit until we create high temperature superconducting materals. That will take 20-30 years.
  3. Must still be

    Absolutely storage has to accompany solar for real broad base use....

    What seems to be the case is that the best applications would be large complimentary power plants that will produce for less $ than other options....

    Everything enters by price...."in the daytime".....

    Electricity is continuous with peak trough daily demand....
    Solar augments daytime demand....

    ie cheaper than coal during peak daytime demand .....seems to be possibly economical....

    The goal...."just lower cost" clean (non fossil) (renewable) price lead energy"....wherever it is....could also be country dependent....some countries where electricity is far more expensive than in the developing countries, etc....

    ie solar in day.....capacitors (the new storer) replacing batteries at night ? ie for the price of a hotwater heater ?

    Bottom line.....the system has to be clean,renewable, 24/7, price led....
  4. Vaporware.

    Most of this company's activities are P.R.

    Very common in the solar industry. They will talk & talk, but when you ask for a sample or product commitment inventories, all of the sudden no information is given.
  5. Does that include LDK?
  6. LDK Sunnyvale, CA

    Cool.....Livermore, CA
  7. vv111y


    I put up a demo video of a great solar concentrator technology that I like:
    (scooped from technology review)

    still private - brand new.

    I really want to see this space mature fast with optimal technology so that big investments can be comfortably made.
  8. Is this a joke?

    I don't understand what keeps driving these vaporware campaigns.
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