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  1. I hear it's coming on June 30 at about a $10 Billion valuation. Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein is the sole book-runner. Any thoughts on the aftermarket? How much does everyone think it will trade up on the open? Do you think that the possibility of regulation against US credit card issuers will hinder the deal or aftermarket demand? Do you think that the fact that it is being listed in UK without allowing most US investors to participate will hurt the aftermarket demand? Please discuss...Thanks. Neal.
  2. I view this in the same way that I saw the WWW IPO and Krispy Kreme. A lot of buzz, a lot of fluff, and for a time, it should be profitable for the banks, early investors and sharp traders. When it wears off, well look at Krispy Kreme now trading at $8 bucks down from a high of $60+.
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    Imo if they figure out how to give each Chinese a credit card and access to the internet, they won't need the US customers.
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    But unlike the WWW or Krispy Kreme, Party makes money hand over fist and there is no end in site.
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    10:02 Sector Watch-- Technical --

    Leading sectors this morning include Casinos, Paper, Gold, Software, Steel and Computer Hardware. Laggards this morning are Health Providers, Utilities and Major Drugs.
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  7. I don't want to be impolite, but my comment is "bullshit". This is a fad, and like all fads it will end at some point. I don't claim to know when or how. Good luck if you are pursuing it. If I had that opportunity I would do so myself, however I would recognize that it is a speculation and as such, subject to more risk than other endeavors.

    I wish you the best of luck, and if you get involved I hope you manage risk adequately.

  8. Although this company makes shitloads of profit. It's illegal in the United States. If someone were to deposit $10,000 on PartyPoker then lose it all. since it is illegal to begin with, the person will get a full refund from VISA if they hire the right lawyer.

    PartyPoker also has a big cheater problems as hackers think up clever ways to rip off the system. Such as connecting 2 or three computers to play on the same table to share card information.

    Finally, to combat this problem PartyPoker has forzen accounts of suspected cheaters. This money is never refunded to the user and is kept by PartyPoker. Since this is illegal pratice to begin with, there is no remedy for the user to cash in their gains. Common sense dictates that there will be a dozens of lawsuits if any large accounts are frozen.

  9. long term overvalued

    short term it will be another google
  10. There is almost no way to circumvent this problem. A player and 3-4 of his friends in 3-4 locations each with a couple of accounts sharing info through their instant messenger about their hole cards.

    Nevermind the smarter "bots" and programs that can game it no matter what the company says they can do to spot them. yeah right.

    having said opinion on the stock but if your playing there, ALONE....I'm not saying you can't win I'm just saying the longer you play the more likely it is that either the rake gets you or somone with either a better bot, or a guy who needs to diamonds and normally wouldn't see another card but he knows through his IM that his 4 other friends at the table that just folded didn't have a single diamond either so he's working off of a different probability than he should be, bets when he normally wouldn't and beats your hand when in a fair game he would have folded on 4th street.

    At some point....expect a book or atleast a story in the WSJ about a programmer or a group that beat the system for millions. The system being other players.....Party Poker...what do they care....they like the Broker/Dealer here....but even if they want to protect the integrity of the game......its simply impossible as its currently structured.

    JMHO though. I lost 50 bucks there once.

    had 3 of a kind, "poker mama" or someone like that caught the card they needed on 5th street. whatever.

    continue to read the poker blogs though, not only are many relevant to trading you get a sense of how the game's can and definitely are getting beat.

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