Party like it's 99

Discussion in 'Trading' started by doublea, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. doublea


    Always wanted to experience a bubble. 1440 in S&P might provide some resistance, otherwise 1800 here we come.
  2. Now your thinking, I saw some Brinks trucks burying sacks of money on every street corner late last night.

    Free money wheeeee lets party. Get some free US dollars yahoooooooo.
  3. S2007S


    why dont you just make it 2000 on the s&p

    forget about risk, after the federal reserve bailed out BSC and cut rates and throws money at every problem where do you see risk?
  4. the fed has done a good job of supporting everything
  5. oh dear.
  6. doublea


    We'll pay for the irrational excuberance some day but just not now. We still need to take out 1440 first though.

    What is risk?:confused:
  7. doublea


    Found it on youtube.

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