Party Like It's 1999!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by formikatrading, Apr 25, 2007.

  1. Wow! Stock Market is starting to have that kinda feel to it! Buy, Buy, Buy!
  2. You have to adjust for inflation and the US dollar depreciation.

    The Dow is really at 7800 in 1999 terms.
  3. I think we still have around 100-125% uproom to go so it's not yet time to become too concerned

  4. I cant wait till crude catches up, we need it to get over 70 then then we may get that rate hike or two, fed is playing a risky game indeed.
  5. Nas has room to 5600
  6. Easily. I think even at Naz 5000-6000 we'd have great value in the indexes and a PE of around 12!!!!! Cheap as hell! It's an amazing market!
  7. Glassman just published a new client letter: Dow 136,000
  8. I'm predicting Dow ONE MILLION. That's right. ONE MILLION points or whatever it is.
  9. Yes! I want more money, please!