Party Like A Palistinian!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by TGregg, Sep 12, 2006.

  1. TGregg


    <a href="">Here's video</a> of the Palistinians partying down on 9/11 that many on this board say never happened. Scroll down to the first update.
  2. So you now blindly trust CNN's reporting?

    What a flipper flopper...

  3. TGregg


    So now you don't believe anything CNN puts out? How irrational.
  4. Did I say I didn't believe what CNN puts out?

    You are the one who incessantly targets CNN as part of the liberal mouthpiece...yet when convenient you flipper flopper to use their videos.

    Man, yall is pathetic...must have taken the Karl Rove "How to put words in people's mouths" course...

  5. fhl


    It was liberals who put words in Karl Rove's mouth for a year, and now refuse to apologise. Oh, and now they accuse Rove of being the one who puts words in people's mouths. How cute.
  6. The only word's I would put in Rove's mouth are "I eat GW's bunghole"

    but that would be redundant, we already knew that...

  7. were those the the ones celebrating, high fiving each other, and filming themselves with the towers burning in the background? i heard about that, but they definitely were not palestinians... i know that for a fact. they found trace explosives in their white van, box cutters, $4000 cash, but they werent palestinians.