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  1. I have worked in HFT area for about four years. Know several strategies very profitable and require low capital.

    If you are interested, please message me.
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    Are these REAL returns to look at with brokerage statements to back up or back testing profits?

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  3. there are really trading history records to look at. but I can show them only to those really interested
  4. What for do you need a partner?
  5. to nfactorial:
    I need capital to deploy them
  6. wtf

    You need capital to give them?????

    Dude you make no sense.

  7. He needs capital to trade....... i think.
  8. to Billybob543
    I need capital to deploy the trading strategies.
  9. Tell me you got a hold of the goldman algo that hacker stole a few years back........