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    Some of you probably read my previous thread. I am representing a small team of trading systems developers from Russia and looking to get a leverage on the small trading capital we have so we could be making some REAL money trading our scalping strategy.
    I was looking for a partial investors in my previous thread and was accused of being a scammer by some of the ET members, I learned the lesson and not asking anybody to invest a single penny now I am just searching one or two partners in US who would just open and maintain a trading account for us in one of the Proprietary LLCs. We are thinking to fund it with $5k and looking to get at least 1:10 leverage on that.
    In return we are offering to our prospective partner(s) 20% of the profit. Our strategy is a state of the art and
    20% of the trading profits in the long run will equal to about $10000 per month.
    Email me at
    Anyone who dares to call this a "scam" here must first provide some official proof he is not suffering from paranoia, and, second
    provide some logical stipulation how can this possibly be a scam. Especially given the fact that proprietary firms have very strict risk management.