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  1. I don't know if this belongs in the classifieds, so feel free to move it if necessary.

    I am looking for an equity partner in the EU or UK who is interested in trading equity and FX exotics via a local-machine in their office/home. I need an EU resident... or really anyone outside North America who is willing to hold an account and split the trading gains (if any). What I am looking for is someone who has a foreign IP I can access to trade an exotics platform that is unavailable to me in the States. Using logmein, teamviewer, xVNC, etc.

    I would want to deal with someone I've interacted with and ideally a veteran ETer. I've done this a few times here on ET and collectively we've made more than $400k USD.

    Send me a PM if interested. Thanks.
  2. I'll move! ;) haha...
  3. lol, do it!

    We have taken down a few dealers. betsfortraders(TrinitasCapital) closed after we took them on JNJ, WMT and other SN exotics. They sold their IP to Regent Mkts and left the business. Oanda shut down their boxes after taking a 6-figure hit in a few weeks in June-July of this year in ATM fwd-starts. They used Dodd Frank as the reason for leaving the vola-sector literally days after the loss.

    I have the experience and track record (vetted and verifiable) and need the geo-arbitrage.
  4. Canada?
  5. No good.
  6. Was thinking of places I have family. Sounds like a very interesting adventure to me... plus the education in exotics would be worth it
  7. sle


    Someone who was dumb enough to show electronic markets in single name exotics deserves to get spanked. That was plain stupid. I did not even know Oanda was trying to establish themselves in the vol business.

    PS. Btw, an interesting detail - betonmakets limits the leverage on all no-touches to 1:5. Smart buggers.
  8. Yeah, but I stay closer to even money.
  9. 2rosy


    does setting up a machine outside borders make it legal
  10. The account holder is legal. Congress trades on inside information. You yourself were offering to make pre-arranged markets inside NBBO on this forum.
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