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    Hey Guys,,

    I was wondering how some of you have your hard drives partitioned.. The machine I'm building has a rather large hdd... Any ideas on how you all manage all your programs and files and downloads would be helpful.... Nothing elaborate...just some ideas so I can keep this stuff organized a little better than I have in the past ! Will be installing win2k pro
  2. I worked for PowerQuest in 1997-98 and programmed the interface for PartitionMagic 4.x, so I know a little about partitioning. (A plug here for PartitionMagic 6.x, it just got PC Mags Editor Choice in the latest issue).

    My favorite configuration is as follows:
    C: Windows 2000 2-3 Gig (used only for OS and OS related files)
    D: Apps 10 Gig (instead of installing my apps to c:\program files\..., I install to d:\apps\...)
    E: Data 3 Gig (all data from programs goes here)

    This config allows me to wipe out the OS partition (C:) every 6 months or so to clean it up. I reinstall my apps on D: when I do this so the Registry gets updated. When I do a backup, I just backup everything on my E: drive. Keeps things clean and segmented.