Participants Who CoMpLaIn About Traders

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  1. There are market participants who do little else in the way of accomplishing anything other than COMPLAIN about traders.

    In this case, about Forex traders.

    Trader issues about trading do need to get posted through, no doubt about that. As, there are some punks (who fancy themselves "traders") who beg to get straightened out.

    Every message board has 'em.

    But, what I'm referring to are persistent negative detractors who couldn't trade their mother's GAS (let alone trade currencies), that post on real ForEx traders - then COMPLAIN to moderators when the flamer gets replied to by the trader(s).

    I'd like to hear from traders what they think should be done about this.

    Especially here in the ForEx forum because we've got a moderator here who, unfortunately, cannot help but harass the best traders on this site.

    One of which is me - being harassed by this idiot.

    Even though I offered him to settle his bitchy score he has with me by entering a fair and square ForEx trading contest between him and me, open and for all to witness.

    Respect is gained by trading skills - NOT by titles bestowed due to there being a short supply of good help.

    Ultimately, as long as this continues happening, ET will NOT be headed towards being a credible, international trading site, but will be known for allowing moderators to be WAY less than professional: Dragging itself down to idiot status along with them.

    TL Hegemonism not only declined my forex trading challenge but went on a blithering tirade against me, THEN ended up deleting his own thread in which he continued to harass me for a week!

    If TL Moderator moves THIS thread - I'll have no choice but to re-post it here. Because this is the ONLY forum I get harassed in by a moderator, because I trade forex successfully.

    Even though I've gotten threatening msgs from his buddy, TGregg (who got the overwhelming majority vote for being INSANE), telling me he will ban me, even though it is TL Moron who breaks policy rules by duplicating threads/posts.

    TGregg's second PM to me in which he retracts his first threat to ban me:

    "I am aware that TL was moving your threads from other forums, that's fine."

    TGregg's first threat to me:


    "One thread in feedback is plenty, multiple threads about the same thing is spam. I'll be cleaning up the feedback forum now, deleting all but one thread.

    "Start a new one like that, and I'll ban you."

  2. By the way, TGregg, you INSANE vote winner...

    I am offering BOTH you and your sidekick, TL Abuser, a currency trading match contest, open and real-time for all to see.

    You BOTH can trade against me.

    Is that fair enough?

    This way it will be established clearly who deserves to be pushed around (by moderators) and who the REAL traders are.

    This is the same simple contest I set in front of your good friend, TL Moderoblation.

    Whoever wins 100-straight trades in a row on EUR/USD first is the victor(s).

    Well? Gonna show who the punk(s) is in the real trading world of ET?

    Let me know as soon as you both are ready, boy.

    The contest will only last a couple days I can assure you.

    You can pony up with your friend all day if ya want, but let's have this out in the real open forex market. Not from behind your pretty moderators' curtain.

    Step on out, "traders."

  3. Choad


    He was more fun when he was Coinzy... :(
  4. Yeah, fun like a rash.
  5. Why do you guys (Baron) keep letting this idiot back on ET?
  6. Because riskarbs get banned... others are allowed back...
  7. damn...Exchanges is gone now....

    Just a word of advice:

    Coinzy/sKaLpZy you cannot win when you attack the mods...just play the game next time...

    I know it's selling out...but a writer must do this sometimes to get read...

    Unraveling the troublemakers seems to be the mode for some of the mod's...they feel they are cleaning up ET...Let's say some of the more "creative" thinkers are better reads and we need em'...

    Michael B.
  8. i personally don't fancy much da guy but i don't think he's done much wrong other than whinin'[100s of whiners here] and some of us have been pretty harsh with him for no much of a good reason.
  9. Good one ES. :)
    Some "creative" thinkers would do well to expand their vocabulary in such a way as to do an end around the zealots.

    Just a thought.
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