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Discussion in 'Forex' started by Rapper, Sep 26, 2006.

  1. Rapper



    I'm thinking about starting to do some part-time, short-term Forex trading at night so I can watch the trade. I plan on getting started at nights after work. I am in New York and would start around 7-8PM EST. Any suggestions based upon that time of what currency pairs would be the best to trade. I plan on doing much research and training, but I would be open to suggestions.

  2. siki13


    I think USDJPY because that is when asian session starts.
  3. JPY, AUD, NZD

    I don't care for those hours. Not sure what time you get up and go to work but you might want to think about trading early in the am.

  4. RedDuke


    Yep, forget NY pm trading intra day, not much action most of the days. It starts picking up at 2am ny time.
  5. Rapper



    Thank you for your responses. I'm throwing this same question out again because I work full-time 9 to 5 EST. I would like to start trading at around 8-9PM EST. If I could trade full-time I would be trading the Mini-sized Dow, but can't, so any other suggestions. Do most of you feel that it is not good to trade the JPY within those hours. I have been testing a strategy that seems to works pretty acurately from 8 to 11PM EST. Anybody else doing the same?

  6. My favor evening pair is EUR-JPY