Part Time To Professional - What's the secret?

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  1. What credentials does it take for a part time trader to become a full time professional trader?
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  2. $ and experience.
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  3. Consistent profitability, and balls.
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  4. maxinger


    It is very simple.
    You don't need university degree.
    Just need simple maths + - * /

    UNFORTUNATELY it is very very difficult to succeed.

    Prerequisite :
    - mind / emotion control
    - hard work
    - discipline
    - must develop your own holy grail

    - cannot be perfectionalist. Be willing to accept 50-60% success rate.

    - WILL NOT IMPROVE success rate beyond 60% !!!
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  5. That's what I am aiming for... I have been obsessed since I started in January 2018, I have learned a lot with constant reading, my life is pretty much work and read, that's it... I have achieved very good results quickly, I am thinking of going full time in summer time

    Open mindedness, intellectual curiosity and not be a gambler/disciplined are the three keys to becoming self made successful at trading I believe. If you have a high EQ and good with the markets, you can co found a PE firm or Investment firm later on, raise money through trading and leverage in apartment buildings, many ways to better your financial life through the markets!

    Good Luck
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  6. ironchef


    It is almost impossible for part time intramural soccer players playing on weekends at a local park to play professional soccer for Manchester United.

    It is the same with us retails, we can become full time retails trading our own money if we amassed a big enough pot but becoming a professional trader trading OPM, almost never.
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  7. qlai


  8. Why do so many people claim it's so hard ? I don't understand when I read, it's too hard you cannot make it, please explain why a retail trading stocks and options can't be a millionaire ? Is there any form of evidence suggesting such thing ?
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  9. ironchef


    I don't think I ever came across a post that said you could not be a millionaire trading. It is very hard if you are an undercapitalized part time retail.

    Best wishes to you.
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  10. I see... Good luck to you as well!
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