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  1. Hey, I'm still pretty new to trading (3 months in) and my prop trading only paying for my half of the rent check isn't quite cutting it right now. just wondering what kind of part time jobs people might have had that may be somehow related to markets, investments, etc that would fit around a traders schedule. the idea is trying to find something that where i still may learn something i could use someday. For some reason getting a job bagging groceries doesn't sound too appealing.

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    get a job at book store?
  3. cabana boy at a wealthy country club (making all the right connections) :cool:
  4. janitor in a large investment banking firm, brokerage house, hedge fund, or trading floor. Who knows, maybe you'll get some good tips or get some connections there.
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    cell phone boy for big time trader?
  6. And someone actually suggested they would be willing to pay a monthly subscription for this 'content.' (Hehehe)
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    I am considering getting a part time job valet parking in a couple months if I am not bringing in enough money to cover at least half my bills. I am willing to do anything to keep me going until 2005.
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    hi DV

    3 months is will take you at least 5 years to have a clue of whats going on in your trading.......trial and error. You cant get around the learning curve....handling your emotions and so on, it will take time.

    My suggestion would be to get a job in a restaurant in FINE DINNING. You can work nights either as a server or bartender and make $2500.00 to $3000.00 (if you in a big city you can make much more that this) net a month and still have your entire days free, for you trading passion and learn to trade.

    Trading is a difficult endeavor for anybody and you either have to have very deep pockets or work to pay your bills as you learn to trade.

    No matter what, there will be a period of "Paying your dues" and you cant really get around it. What matters is how badly you want to trade for a living, and persistence in over coming all the obstacles that will present themselves. the question is, "what are you willing to do to archive your goal"....90% or something like that fail at trading, Most start out under capitalized, many never get there emotions in control, others don't have the persistence, some have good systems but cant seem to trade the system, there are many factors that go against the NEW trader right out of the gate. so please realize this. Everyone has the dream few make the dream a reality....there definitely has to be an inner balance.

    My suggestion is something where you can make decent money and still trade full time............if you want to get a job in the industry you will not be paid very much starting out.

    i hope this is helpful to you and gives you some ideas.
    the path of most traders, is a difficult one and very painful.

    Good luck in your learning


    Lotus 7
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