parsonjack51 and mango are the same clown

Discussion in 'Politics & Religion' started by specul8tor, Sep 5, 2002.

  1. specul8tor

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    Look at some of the posts he is actually talking to himself using the chat board.

    Dude, YOU are a CLOWN.

    If you want to recruit traders for your firm use a commerical instead of wasting our time PMing people!
  2. He is also known as Beaburt
  3. how about panchovia65? I think he might be in their little cabal as well.
  4. and maybe trader963...not the same person, but the same office?????
  5. No I'm not one of those chumps! They/he is trying to get traders I shouldn't have told them my volume cuz now he keeps pming
  6. Not in the office either. He didn't believe the rate I trade at.
  7. I believe you. It could be worse...I was privileged to a PISS OFF pm from him this morning. classifying this guy a clown is an INSULT to clowns.
  8. mango1973

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    you guys have alot of spare time on your hands, HAHAHA
  9. what a bad poll lol

    "who else noticed this?

    yes i noticed
    no I didn't notice the clown"
  10. this has officially been awarded the...

    dumbest poll ever award!

    #10     Sep 5, 2002