Parrando's Parodox

Discussion in 'Trading' started by wdbaker, May 21, 2004.

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    Hi All,
    Thought that this might be fun thread to start. I expect that HarryTrader will be over shortly to expound on this :)

    Look it up in Google, it's about a way to win by losing, very interesting and I've seen some research on how this may apply to trading the markets.

    If someone doesn't pick this up and run then I'll come back and post more info about it this weekend.

    I'm amazed that no one has discussed this before

    wdbaker Denver, Co
  2. but interesting nevertheless...
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    "Seems so, but the market doesn't react like this? If the market is a collection of individuals and they all make the common 7 errors and it would be impossible to develope a non-bias, then the market should reflect it, but it doesn't. How can it be that the participants make these errors yet the market doesn't? I don't know just fishing for ideas."by nutmeg


    is this Parrandos revenge?