Parliament in Berlin is expected to approve aid for Greece

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  1. FRANKFURT (MarketWatch) -- The spotlight will be on Berlin Friday, as Germany's parliament prepares to debate and vote on the nation's portion of the aid package for debt-laden Greece, after sentiment in the global financial markets deteriorated dramatically and prompted traders to rush to sell stocks, commodities and other assets.

    The two houses of Parliament, the Bundestag and the Bundesrat, are due to vote on the legislation that would provide 22.4 billion euros to Greece as part of a 110 billion-euro international rescue plan.
  2. Hail Germany, the saviour of Europe!
  3. Aproved.
  4. Lawsuit filed against German aid for Greece:report
  5. Bundestag approved, Bundesrat - not yet...

    The lawsuit by academics that went to the Constitutional Court to block the payments is unlikely to succeed.
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    What do you think with eurusd if Greece quit the bloc. Would euro increase or plunge against usd
  7. Greece is irrelevant. It's not about Greece, so EUR keeps going, IMO.

    Bundesrat approved now, btw...
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    Of course euro will still exist. But I'm sure if Greece left the bloc it would send shock wawes trough the markets due to the possible contagion in other countries such as Spain, and then the question would be what would happen to euro against the dollar
  9. Unlikely ?
  10. Yes, that's my understanding...
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