PARITY WATCH: EUR/USD to equal GBP/ eur/usd?sell gbp/usd or buy eur/gbp?

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  1. PARITY WATCH: EUR/USD to equal GBP/ eur/usd?sell gbp/usd or buy eur/gbp?

    ...what is the BEST trade?...right now it looks easiest to simply "short/sell" GBP/USD...this thing is gonna hit parity...quick...real quick in my opinion...

    What are our European and British friends hearing on this "across the pond" as they say?...I live in the USA...

    The EUR/USD is looking stronger and stronger but the GBP/USD is looking weaker and weaker...or is this "whole deal" just a "massive BEAR trap" and it is gonna reverse "real quick"...lets discuss and trade for profit!!!!!!!
  2. I think someone that became "consumed" with the EUR/USD, GBP/USD and EUR/GBP over these next weeks and months etc. with this parity issue at hand...can make some serious, serious cash $$$...

    anyone out there that totally and soley focuses on trading the EUR/USD, GBP/USD or EUR/GBP?..of course observing how they relate to each other etc...
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    do these hedge funds have enough whatever to stand up to a bank and shut down redemptions as some did before or are they going to bend over and allow independent administrators or are they going to allow this large of a redemption

    the more important question now is how is it going to play out. the ripple effect could be huge depending on leverage that was used....possibilities are endless.... perhaps more yen carry trade unwind, strength in swissy; eur, gbp, usd finding new lows or the last three finding some support across previous keep in mind the holidays, weekends, thin thing we can do is keep nimble and trade it as it happens

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  4. Increase:

    The brits have never been inferior to Europe in war, and definitely not be in peace (past, present and also future).

    Eur/GBP is mix of war and peace.

    EUR (even if fundamental were on its side) will always be inferior to GBP, because europeans will tell you inside themselves they always feel inferior to britain, and their currency will reflect what they and the world thing.

    Price is made by humans,

    If parity decides to kiss you one morning, you know what you should do.

    Corollary: GBP will always be superior to EUR.
  5. getting closer to parity today...dec 26, 08:

    EUR/USD high: 1.4119
    GBP/USD low: 1.4656
    EUR/GBP high: .9595

    anyone trade any of these today, the day after Christmas?
  6. the USD/CHF is a total "sell" opportunity now...
  7. interesting post, I guess you are holding to your "Sell" EUR/GBP as it crashes into various resistance you think it may hit parity for a slight "moment" and than crash back again...
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    quod erat demonstrandum
    :confused: :confused: :confused: one of the truly golden posts on ET.

    do you have a beeping rotating stone instead of the brain?

    given your continuously profitable buys of GBP/EUR (against the trend) i guess we sould call you Mr. War.

    peace :D
  9. EUR/GBP is finishing out this week on Friday at a HUGE OVERBOUGHT level...Daily RSI is at almost 80.00 and Daily Stoch is in mid 90.00's...look for good Eur/Gbp sell/short set-ups over the weekend and into sunday night/monday morning...this pair is so "high" it has got to "mini correct" for a further journey to thoughts...what do you think?
  10. hey cats...also the USD/CHF is so OVERSOLD today on Friday...the daily RSI is around 25 and the Stoch is under 20...this combined with overbought Eur/Gbp will lead to mini corrections for both and the USD/CHF most likely to head lower and alos meet "parity"...again in 2009?...just my thoughts....yours?
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