Paris Hilton needs some emotional help

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  1. True story. While I was in Ventura County lockup a couple weeks ago, my phone was swapped out. I think Paris Hilton has it. If so, it has a certain band on that phone. Can you name that band? (It also has some old plans to my hidden desktop software product.) Where is that phone?
  2. Good Charlotte
  3. I assume you are referring to Charlotte's Web? A little less cryptic messages would be appreciated. I'm in Scottsdale, Arizona not Charlotte, South Carolina if that's what you meant. You know how many possible interpretations there are of "Good Charlotte" there are? It's arbitrary and stupid way to communicate, nutmeg. Is that you Meg Ryan? You're a nut.
  4. Oh, I'm sorry. Is "Good Charlotte" the name of the band I had on that phone? Sorry, no. I have not heard of that band.
  5. Hmmm.... I've never known a girl named Charlotte before. Sounds kind of sexy. She was my favorite one on Sex and the City.
  6. Whatever the fuck you're sniffing should be taken off the shelves.
  7. To make it more clear so as to avoid further insults:
    1. the first post I believe to be true, but am not sure
    2. the other posts were me bored out of my mind and playing around with the words "Good Charlotte". I guess Anaconda doesn't understand Thai.

    Where is Paris Hilton today? I'll bet she has my phone. I had music on there that was replaced by one stupid song.
  8. Firewalker, go call your dad or mom or doctor to help you find your phone. Ok? They will help you.
  9. Eight


    If a person goes completely crazy, they are the last one to know it... just some food for thought there Firewalker...
  10. I agree there is a fine line between absolutely bored out your mind and crazy.

    Someone has my phone. Might be William Shatner. Check out my blog and you might see a few good ideas. Those are crazy? Kind of. But not the kind they put you in mental institutions for. The kind that threaten authority though for sure.

    For some reason my mom and dad showed up in Thousand Oaks, California, United States of America. I didn't invite them, but said sure they could visit me and my natural mother and grandfather. They didn't help much. Then they said I was crazy and took me to the Ventura County mental health institute. I met the lady in charge and she gave me a clean bill of health. Even gave me a little piece of paper that says so. I think my parents are the ones with the problem.
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