Paris Hilton Jailed!!!!!

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  1. I think it begins a whole new career of starring roles in womens' prison movies for her when she gets out...

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  2. what a dumb bitch, speeding at 11 at night on a suspended license with no headlights!! best part of the deal is that she gets send to LA county jail - lol.
  3. I love it....

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  4. Geez, i knew she was a stupid bimbo, but that takes the cake.
  5. we all know what the biatch is.

    and what are the people that waste time talking about her.

    present co. excluded (i think)
  6. It would be a truly shocking black swan if Paris so much as sets foot in a prison cell on June 5th.

    Hear me now and believe me later: not gonna happen.

    Look for a successful appeal and an alternate, jail-free sentence.
  7. Hear ME now...and believe ME IS going to happen.
  8. Vindictive, kangaroo court, hanging judge. Locked away America's favorite snapper in a brutal prison. The sentence shocks the conscience - should have been no more than 10 days or maybe the 45 at home with bracelet. So, I will be there in that cell with her in spirit, as will millions of her fans - would even serve the sentence in her place!

    Arnold should take control of that rogue wild west justice system out there and pardon her.

  9. time to short the dia.
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