parhelia multi-monitor cards for Window XP

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by habari, Nov 20, 2002.

  1. habari


    Anyone familiar with the new Parhelia cards ?

    I am still looking for the most cost effective solution to run 3 or 4 monitors on my Win XP system. I had some problems with Appian Rushmore and am back to square one on the best options for running at least 3 monitors, if not 4 on Windows XP.

    Appreciate any help.
  2. nitro


    I prefer the G200 MMS QUAD for 4 monitors and the G550 Dual DVI for two monitors.

  3. alanack


    Go to a site called They have a multi-monitor database where people describe their cpu/video card setup, number of monitors they're using, and what problems, if any, they've experienced.
  4. exe



    I guess you didn't take my advice I gave you 9/14/02 documented here:

    All that wasted time and effort for yet another victim. Appian Rushmore, more like Appian Nomore.

    Going to your Pharhelia, it only does 3 monitors max, and will only run analog. If you want to run digital, it will do a max of two. My advice is still the same as indicated on the link above.
  5. habari


    Unfortunately my Appian purchase was kind of advanced when you wrote. I got a full refund and I have corded the Matrox 450 Quad. My trading was minor so the time was not too critical, Now that I am stepping it up your re-advise is very timely.

    Everything I read especially your comments, says Matrox is it right now for multi-mon hook-ups. Thanks for the valuable insight and clearing up the cobwebs on this; really appreciate your feedback.

    regards, habari
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  7. exe



    "It seems that people have a bias toward Appian or Maxtor depending on what they have."

    I had both cards. One came out a loser, that happened to be the Appian Rushmore. I gave specific advice and detailed specific problems with the scpecific card, not a generalization based on theory or the use of an entirely different card under the same brand. You want another unbiased user that has used that same card without success, ask habari.

    The most interesting fact is that after careful analysis, both I and habari ,independently, chose to buy the Rushmore card as a first choice. Just turned out to be a 'bad trade'.
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  9. exe


    Jeronimo Pro may be a good card as you contend, but why do you go about advising someone to buy a card that is no longer in production and without support plus the fact that it will not run in digital mode (both the Rushmore and MatroxG200MMS are DVI capable)?
  10. BCE


    Hi, exe
    It is supported. I called Appian quite a number of times about different issues one of which was to see why RealTick didn't like the driver for this card under Windows 98. But I upgraded to Windows XP Pro, like I mentioned, and that's why I even brought this card up. Habari was looking for a good multi-monitor card to run with Windows XP and this is one. It isn't in production anymore but it remains one of the most stable cards out there. And it is available on eBay for a very cheap price, although of course they're used. Plus, as you say, it doesn't support digital but most of the new flat panels support analog and digital. I was just trying to be helpful. You or he can obviously buy what you want and will. Good luck with whatever you end up with. :)
    P.S. Actually they do still sell this card here: and here but they quit making it because they couldn't get the parts for it.
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