Parents Increasingly Naming Children Apple, Mac and Siri

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by pupu, Dec 1, 2012.

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  2. 1) As long as Apple's middle name is not "pie", than it's okay. :cool:
    2) As long as Mac's middle name is not " Ann Cheese", then it's okay. :p
    3) If "Siri" is a middle name, it's okay as long as the child's first name is not "Yes" AND the last name is not "Bob". :D
  3. r-in


    I like going to stores to read nametags. Some of the names and spellings are hilarious. I don't honestly care what or why people name their kids. I'm into your average everyday names, but whatever for everyone else. I did dig up an Irish middle name for our last kid as we all ready used the other names we had thought of using. That's the extent of my either making my kids get abused at school, or thinking they are unique and special, like a Hollywood phony.:D
  4. Your daughter's middle name is Patty and your last name is O'Furniture? :confused: :D :cool:
  5. Officer Collins: [addressing military brass about Rita's background] We did, however have to come to an arrangement with her pimp. A gentleman who goes by the name Upgrayedd. Which he spells thusly, with two D's, as he says, "for a double dose of this pimping".
  6. I was at WMT and this kids name was "Christian". (dark skinned guy). I said "Hi Christian, I'm "Episcopalian" but I pronounced it like bugs bunny and spit it out. (sigh) some people don't get me.
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    Apple names have replaced biblical names.
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    Anybody named their kid "elitetrader"?