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  1. So.... EVERYBODY in NY has to pay $30-$40/mo higher utility bill so that a few can mine cryptos for profit at subsidized energy costs?

    America. What a country!
  2. I called out these leeches years ago.

    Feds should have shut this scam down long ago.

    Giant ponzi, leeching off the backs of the public

    If you see a crypto miner, you see an enema of the state
  3. "Great American Scam", isn't it..... everybody wants to live off "the back of the public"? (We even import illegal violent criminals to "lever-up" the parasitism. Many of whom smugly claim... "You (we) are a bunch of stupid fools. We'll take your money for now, but we're still planning to kill all of you later... that is after we rape your sisters, daughters, wives, mothers... even your pet goat if you got one.") Our response to all of that? YEAH, MORE PARASITES!!
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    you could create a thread 100 pages + to discuss Parasites in America. there were parasites in the former soviet union under the communists.

    subsidies are everywhere in the US. where the government has its nose in. .
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    I thought this was America, not Soviet Russia?
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    I guess I don't understand how it is going to work anyway, crypto is still extremely small and it has been stated by those that know that the huge draw mining has on energy cannot be sustained. When hashgraph ico's their own currency it will be very interesting.
  7. Read much.

    Plattsburgh, NY.

    Population 19,780

    And all of them are on subsidized power, not just crypto-miners, which means others are paying for them to have lower rates.
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  8. Next thing you know, old people living too long on taxpayer-funded pension schemes will be called parasites too. And next thing you know, Soylent Green technology will be developed to turn these parasites into useful product.
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    Excellent idea.
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