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  1. and there a lot of them,the only reason they exist is because money is fiat ,if you and i convert all fiat in gold/silver ,parasites will be eliminated ,standard of living will go up several times
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  3. bankers are number one parasites they create money from nothing and lend it to you at an %, they are living off your labour,in order to kill those parasites STOP using any credit ,be it morgage,car loan or credit card
  4. no,no thank you ,no action needed
  5. I would say irresponsible credit users are the parasites.
    Credit is a tool, nothing more and nothing less.
  6. Eight


    I suppose you are going to tell us that money is the root of all evil and if we just went to a barter system all the evil would be gone?
  7. yes,fiat money is the root of all evil
  8. why should they be responsible credit is free ,you don't need to give it back,when credit based on gold/silver you will not get it easy,and you need to give it back ,that way it will be forced upon you to be responsible
  9. I have often wondered how Warren B was/is able to beat these guys at their own game (make and keep money)...

    I wonder if I met Warren B if I could talk to him and take something away for myself with the conversation?


  10. He started with asset stripping then he just picked good stocks.
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