Parasites and voting

Discussion in 'Politics' started by LEAPup, Aug 24, 2013.

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    Talking to my neighbor recently about the parasites who basically put Ocommunist in for another four years of destruction, I learned something that blew me out of the water.
    My neighbor said, "well here in FL when people sign up for free stuff, they also get registered to vote in the same process." I said, that's not possible. He said come check this out. He searched around and found the FL welfare site, found the on line application, and started adding in a fake name/information (to get to the page needed), and low and behold what's on around page three? Yep, right there it was. "IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE REGISTERED TO VOTE, CLICK YES." I thought I was going to be ill!

    Why the f__ would a welfare application register people to vote? Hmmmm. I despise democrats, but have to admit, they're smart enough to KNOW they're the party of free ice cream, and KNOW the parasites will vote for them. After all, they've come out and said over and over, "___ _____ republican wants to take away your benefits." The mafia hasn't got jack shit on today's democrat!

    Now we know the msm would NEVER touch this one, but why wouldn't Fox news or another media outlet report on it? We've got a record number of people sitting home. In fact, we have more people getting "free" ice cream than we have full time workers. Stunning! And like one Fox news guest said this morning, "the benefits, and cash received in many states is = to almost $21/hour." This is absolutely outrageous!:mad: :mad: :mad: