paranoid ? or is Google tracking me - and you ?

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  1. for a break there's a couple of online shooting games i like to play, on one site there's
    'Ads by Google' and i usually click on one or two to pay for plays
    i'd been Search on this site and came across a thread about 'dual routers' - 2 internet
    feeds into the router and checked C$ prices of the brands on separate pages
    log out of ET, close the other pages, CCleaner, and go to the shooting game site and
    low and behold, Ads by Google for routers ! - see attached

    coincidence ?

    wow ! are they select advertising for Every user Every second of Every day ?
    their data mining must be HUGE, and are they selling it on like the Census people ?
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    Hey wallace I had a fight with you in other thread but you may appreciate information I have for this thread

    I noticed that my gmail account receives spam mail that corresponds to what I am talking about in email with my buddies.

    I mentioned to my friends few times how students use drugs to get better grades. Lo and behold. I get spam offering me addrall and other brain drugs.

    I mentioned to my friends info about medical schools and medical equipment

    Guess what, the next wave of spam mail has to do with medical diplomas and medical equipment.

    Coincidence ??????

    I have hard time believing in coincidences
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    i think its an officila policy from goole, that they scan emails for keywords and then sending you or posting about that stuff....
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    but that's just open invasion of privacy :eek:
  6. Yeah, Google's adsense has a tracking feature that "targets" ads to your browsing patterns. You can turn it off if you have an account. I started seeing MetaStock and other trading specific ads showing on non-trading websites which I thought was rather strange and did a little investigating on this.
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    Do you think they develop sw and provide their search page because they are a non profit organization.
    All traffic and advertising is extremely specific and tailored for each individual user.
    I don't remember where it is but they even explain their data collection policy. That is why there have been several lawsuits against them, because they have also shared this info with the US gov.
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