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  1. Hello,

    Please could you advise some criteria in order to select the best stocks throgh the stock screener?

    When I have to invest for a period longer than 12 month I choose firms with P/E smaller than 10 (usually between 5 and 10 but not always) and sometimes the industry sector and the country. Sometimes add the expected P/E to the P/E in order to have the former bigger than the latter. Sometimes only P/E below 10 and positive EPS.

    What criterias if I should select the best shares for the next day or for next week or for next month or 3 or 4 months? In this case fundamental criterias maybe aren’t so important as technical and performance parameters.

    I think different time frames should need different criterias. Please could you suggest something for these short time frames?
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    you know the best performing stocks often have high pe's ...
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  3. tomorton


    Its a short time period for a lot of shares but if you can get hold of The Zulu Principle by Jim Slater you'll find it full of good ideas for stock selection.
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  4. joelx


    Price to sales ratios, total debt to total equity and PE ratio. That's what the most successful investor of all Warren Buffett watches.
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    That stuff didn't result into spectacular results over the last decade.
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  6. taowave


    Sounds like you are looking to trade momentum..fundamentals are pretty much secondary on a short term trade..gun to my head,ild look at revenue growth and/or analyst revisions

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  7. ph1l

    ph1l has some info for long-term returns.
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