Parallels of Ivanovich and Magna

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  1. When Magna first came on the scene, he would lock down threads, delete them and send out hate mail to add insult to injury. The feedback thread went rampant with pleas from the peanut gallery to shutdown Magna.

    Now its Ivanovich's turn to roast in the sunlight. There is nothing wrong with aggressive moderation, however, for those who spam and troll it sucks.

    Remember these threads Magna? It seems like yesterday.

    This is from 2003...the days when ET was so much better...not...

  2. Right, which is why you are complaining.

    They do a good job at such a thankless endeavor...and we've all had our run-ins...but I admit, any time someone messed with my journal, etc they did their job fairly. I respect that.

    Hell, they even let Rowshan run a thread OUTSIDE OF CHIT CHAT (for the time being, at least until he blows it). Can't argue with that kind of fairness.

    STFU and buy some more FNM, big boy.
  3. I could care less if I "roast" over actions done here. I do my job, until there comes a time when I don't. It's that simple.

    The more angry threads such as these from users known for their trolling, the more I know I'm doing my job.
  4. Remember, the moderators are not paid for their time.

    Given that fact, one wonders what motivates them to volunteer for charitable work in a for profit company.
  5. Exactly!
    These guys have a most "thankless" job.
    Without them, ET would be on par with a Yahoo Finance Message Board.
  6. So why do they do it?
  7. The moderators are the best traders of ET. Usually they are offered the spot after many years of countlessly right calls and thousands of threads which contain great trading knowledge.

  8. That's what I thought. :D
  9. Tums


    I love the TUMS the Troll thread.


    The naive idiot thought I would be upset or embarrassed by it.

    Hell no, I love it.
    He made me the most famous mod at ET !
  10. Hardly.

    Personally, I volunteered after seeing day in and day out of ridiculous threads in the trading forum.
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