Parallel ports in modern (new) pc's

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by mgookin, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. Do new pc's have parallel ports?

    I have not bought a new pc in some time (I build my own now and don't know what the market is doing).

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    the red one.
  3. is that a yes to all new pc's?
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    haven't seen any laptop or destop without it.
  5. thanks!
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    There are many current motherboards that do not have parallel ports.
  7. If you get a mobo without but need one, there are cheap PCI parallel cards that work just fine.
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    You haven't seen a laptop without a parallel port?!?

    You aren't looking very hard. I can't remember the last time a Dell laptop had one. My current laptop doesn't even have a serial port, had to buy a USB to Serial dongle.

    Just checking Dell's site, the current Inspiron and XPS desktops don't have parallel ports
  9. I'll clarify why I am asking.

    I'm buying a new plotter and selling my old one to an engineering firm in the next city south of here. The old plotter has a parallel interface while new plotters have ethernet interface. I just don't want this plotter to end up 40 miles from here and then discover a connectivity problem.

    I checked on on a mid-level workstation and it has a parallel port, but I did not know whether its commonplace on modern systems to continue to use the parallel port or not, so I asked.

    It sounds like there's a good chance that the systems in that engineering firm 40 miles south of here do have parallel ports. Whether I deliver or they come and get it is moot; just don't want the problem and don't want to raise a non-issue of that is what it is (and that's what it sounds like). It's a $1,000 transaction; not a big deal but someone will have some time and effort in getting this thing down there for them.

    thanks to all.
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