Paradox? Pro-War but Anti-Abortion Rights; Anti-War but Pro-Abortion Rights

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  1. One involves killing an innocent human prior to birth (in many cases at a stage where the fetus really is a baby - one that has sensation and cognitive function), while the other involves killing a human, in many cases an innocent civilian (the military's sanitary and dehumanizing term for this is 'collateral damage').

    The oddity is that I would venture that most anti-abortion rights advocates have no problems with waging war, even unnecessary warfare, even when many civilians die as a result, while many pro-abortion abortion rights advocates strongly protest the waging of wars, especially those that aren't absolutely necessary or don't carry with them a moral imperative (such as WWII did).

  2. A squirrel has sensation and cognitive function. Here is a human embryo at approximately 10 weeks

    [​IMG] You would be hard pressed to distinguish it from a horse.

    Late term and partial birth abortions are really bad but at early stages it is a collection of cells and nothing more. I don't think anybody is pro abortion, people are PRO CHOICE. This comes from objective reality that some children will be born into the world when they are going to be unloved and not taken care of. Or, alternatively, they could live their whole life with a debilitating disease.

    There are certain nations (or cultures) were people essentially breed like rabbits with easily foreseen consequences.

    I don't want some idiot politician deciding when and where I will have a child(note:I am NOT a female, I am saying it from the point of view of prospective head of household). Family planning is an important concept in a modern society.
  3. Huh? Last time I checked 99%+(a few get the milkshake from the turkey baster) of women who got pregnant, got pregnant by having sex. I did not know there where politicians telling people they should or should not have sex. So the claim that politicans are telling people when and where to have children is absolutely baseless. You are a fraud and you don't even know the details of Roe V. Wade, so thank you very much. Now get lost.

  4. People need to learn to be responsible for their procreative behavior.

    Rational people understand that the act of sexual intercourse can lead to pregnancy, and such pregnancies can be prevented, nearly 100% of the time, through the use of birth control, condoms and other methods.

    Abortion on demand serves to lessen the incentive to take responsibility over one's sexual activity.

    You claim most abortions happen when the life is a 'bundle of cells.' You are a bundle of cells, also, differentiated and specialized.

    Do you know at what stage a fetus begins to develop differentiated cells and can sense pain?
  5. Ah, but here is the rub, Publix.

    What if u don't want a baby, but she does?

    What if u want a baby, but she doesn't?

    What if u want a boy, but she wants a girl?

    What if ur contraception fails?

    Where is the choice of the man?

    Now, u will say, especially if ur young, that ur girl is different, that she won't lie under any circumstance.

    I can only say that if u believe this, then u should play DOTM options. U could hit it big and live happily ever after, but you most probably slowly bleed to death.
  6. Dude I already know that if a guy does not want a kid and the woman does the woman gets to decide. Seems perfectly reasonable. I don't want a bunch of religious zealots or yahoo politicians from flyover states planning my family for me.

    Abortion is a function of a modern society. Just as contraception is. Contraception was quite controversial in the US in the 19th century. Women were beaten on the streets for telling people about it (that was 19th century version of "conservative" thought). Now contraception is widely accepted (except among nutcases)
  7. Religion has nothing to do with this; ethics and morality do.

    We could get to a point as a society where abortions were all but unheard of if people took responsibility for their sexual behavior and used contraception appropriately.