Paradise Hotel Is Back!

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  1. Thank you stupid ass writers! Your insistence in validating your free lance lifestyle has resulted in the networks reaching deep into the reality TV bin and thank the bloody high heavens it's back....Paradise Hotel. That's the hot rumor anyway, i hope it's true.

    For those of you not familiar with Paradise, and I find that hard to believe that anyone is not familiar with this show, it's the best reality show ever and it was only on for a brief run. It took place at a hotel where young singles were forces to shack up together and they pair off into couples and tons of great sexy stuff happens. The characters, Zack and Carla, and David " The Loser " and the rest were pitch on and out of this world and after being cooped up in the Hotel quite oblivious to how they were acting. A better social experiment than Big Brother which CBS and that damn host has ruined...... Anyway these random characters they are still in my head after 4 years or however long it's been. There was something different about this show it was SO ABSOLUTELY AWFUL it was great It was Miami Beach gaudy bad & I couldn't get enough of it. Don't be confused by Temptation Island, this is Paradise Hotel!. It represented a peak for reality tv at the time... and it's wonderful TV moments have seldom been repeated... Who could ever forget the ending when Dave falls in love with the pretty girl and offers her the money in return for how ever much she wanted to give him and she says thank you very much, takes the money and leaves him nothing. Then Dave rationalizes the move. It's TV treasure time and I'm so excited for the new installment, I hope they cast well.

    I thought this as good an excuse as any to discuss reality tv and tv and I'll throw out my guilty pleasures viewing.

    Survivor- The grand Daddy. It's getting old in the teeth. Not good anymore.
    Amazing Race- Has moments my trainer wants to sign up with me, still a player.

    I really like Ninja Warrior from Japan, the obstacle course show.
    After a long day trading I LOVE Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares!!!
    Great show; the people Gordon help have REAL desperation and their food setups are hilarious.

    It's not reality but Dogfights is always a good view the computer animation of the vets recollections makes for fascinating viewing.

    MMA. Can't get enough of the good stuff. The more far out and far east the better for me, ground and pound gets boring.

    Ultimate Fighter- The show is good. The fights are not. the behind the scenes bitching of the coaches gets old quick. In danger of jumping the shark soon. They need to shake it up. dana White will , he knows it.

    Hogan Knows Best- I tune in once in a while to check in on his daughters singing career and to see if their dog is lost. An obvious rip of the ozzie o show. Has some weird pull.

    Kardatian Klan- occasionally this is on with Bruce Jenner wow it's weird.

    Housewives of Ocean county* This is a real surprise GREAT stoner tv viewing. Good stuff.
    Pigs wallowing in their own self images.

    All the bachelor shows are dead

    If you get a chance to see THE COMEBACK series on Sho with Lisa Kudroe this was a hidden gem.... Great acting on her part.

    For my money Dexter is the best stuff on tv now. He's may favorite actor whoever he is. Was in 6 feet under.

    Prison Break Has it's moments, it's pretty exciting; my wife like's it a bit too much. the male stars are cute and run around with their shirts off a lot. Has very long breaks between episodes.

    24. I think this is starting to suck big time, and it used to be my favorite. Jack is a great character though and they are due for a good one, so I hold out hope.. The casting on this show from the Black president GEICO guy to the Nixon type last villain is the best in Hollywood.

    TALK SOUP- I was there with Kaneer and it's funny again. The new guy I think is a a Foundlings guy from the NY comedy circuit- it's often laugh out loud.

    Family Guy. Makes life worthwhile.
    Simpson- act getting old.
    American Idol- It's still got me! Help!
    Dance Shows. I don't get it.

    I am sure this is just scraping the surface of what I watch but these are my guilty tv treasures that come to mind. ~ stoney
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