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  1. With thanks to the poster who started the thread about parabolic stocks, I thought that it would be a good idea to maybe start up a thread that lists stocks that are currently starting to make these types of movements just in case things do start to heat up like they did in the late 90s. If you run across a stock that seems to be in, or developing into a parabolic move please add it to this list as I'm sure many would be interested.

    The ones I found so far are:

    SHS, MKSI, GGG, AIT, ACTG, CPSI, CPHD, IDXX, HITT, RVBD*, ERIC, CTEL (been one of my traders $$!), ISLN, DECK and how about... SYNA
  2. a very basic screen will find these everyday.


  3. Here is part of my list of Parabolic Arc Stocks


  4. Thanks for the contributions. What do you guys think about the possibility of the NASDAQ making a run towards 4000? 3-4 years out maybe?
  5. The question all should be asking is why is nobody even mentioning that the present rally(80%) is now sitting at almost 2 times the greatest previous rally off a bear mkt bottom of all time(1930's 49% ). the mkt's rise has addicted all to no end and made all forget about the massive problems we still face. the mkts rise has wiped away the fear of record foreclosures,10% unemployment, country after country choking on debt,record drops and foreclosures in commerical and on and on and on. as warren says "fear when all are greedy and be greedy when all are in fear". the mkt rising has made anyone who questions it a negative bear or just another wall of worry to climb ever higher.time will tell how things shake out
  6. Nasdaq doubled in the last 12 months from a Low of 1265 in March 2009 to current 2530 in April 2010. Prior rise of 1700 points took almost 5-years from Oct. 2002 to Oct. 2007.

    Could Nasdaq reach 4000 in 3-4 years? Not sure about 4000 yet, but current Monthly chart has a great ABC pattern and I would think it would reach 3000 level (3018:100% AB level) in the next few months and may see 10-15% retracement before rising higher. Usually ABCs have their first resistance at 62%AB level (2348) but it went past that level effortlessly.

    Here is NASDAQ Auto ABC pattern with Projected price ranges.

    PS: See also Nasdaq's Parabolic Arc move from 1991-1999, which resulted in a 80% crash.


  7. Why don't we include AAPL? :D
  8. I didn't analyze for these stats so thanks for making me aware. Is your bias focused towards riding the wave until it shows that it is breaking down though?
  9. QQQQ
  10. CPSL. I suspect it can really move like it did in '07 sometime in the not too distant future.
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