Parabolic Sar Strategy

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  1. Here's an interesting twist on psar I'm working on.
    The chart below shows a 6 tick range bar on TF on 6/21 with a psar set to Acceleration Increment: 0.0002. The software is sierrachart.
    When psar jumps to the other side of price, a green line is placed at the prev value. The white line is average of the green line and current psar.
    As you can see at point A, the white line can act as focal point.
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  2. Here a chart for 6/20.
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  3. nu
  4. Your poll choices don't make sense.

    Parabolic SAR is a losing strategy. You can backtest it with all possible parameters and, over time, it won't make money.

    It works in trendy environments. If you can predict ahead of time when price will be trendy, you will have the holy grail and able to make as much money as you want.
  5. sanny2005


    Using PSAR alongwith ADX in specific market conditions ( visual confirmation ) can yield money
  6. can u elaborate?
  7. That was vague.

    You should start a Journal thread where you make live calls using SAR and ADX. I would follow it.
  8. =========
    Thats true.nickname1abc
    except a PSAR with discretion can be very helpful.

    And actually , prediction is not the way to make money in markets at all ;
    its probabilities..........................Predictions[acccurately fulfilled] are in the Bible;
    markets are not really useful in a prediction context.

    Of course one could ''predict'' markets go up most of the time[over a very long period of time]But even that ''prediction'' has contained decades [plural]of sideways slop,LOL

    So if one want to twist the word predictions ,make plenty of ''predictions'' [with time frame,LOL}50% maybe right.

    .:cool: Hope this helps.I look at a PSAR as occasionaly, helping, with discretion, over a period of time.5 minutes is noise.:cool: