Parabolic Gold-Small Cap (Junior) Miners Discussion

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  1. From what I am looking at, it looks like gold is about to go parabolic in a manner not seen since the nasdaq or housing bubble. I was thinking it over and in 2003 I felt that housing prices had to pull back...and in 1997 I also felt tech stocks had to pull back, but they didnt and continued on for at least 3 more years. I have that same feeling that Gold is in a bubble just like I had a feeling that Housing was in a bubble in 2003 and tech in 1997.

    My thoughts are that actual gold is starting to look like the CREE price chart as it climbed higher everyday this last 12 months. The $XAU looks like its going to break over 3 decades worth of trading. I think we might just see another bubble in Gold and its about to take off right now.


    Fortunately for us, many a trader has left behind blogs and research all over the internet so we can choose more easily our small cap parabolic gold miners. We have some time to opine a little bit about which is the next shooting star and I think EGO and NG will be it.


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    Which gold miners will be your baby?
  2. I own HL, AUY, NG, GBG, CDE, GDXJ, VGZ and GBU.

    Wish me luck.:p
  3. I've added 4 names to my holdings which you could clasify as highly speculative I guess.


    and just because it's been such a terrible dog I bought some Drooy also.
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    you are in Soro's camp who made this prediction over a month ago.
    if anyone is willing to share low priced gold mining stocks which have potential and have not moved exponentially please post or PM..
  5. My opinion its too late in the game to chase junior miners. Seasonality tends to end for metals around early February. If you like metals regardless, I think some big caps and mid caps have lagged the metals themselves all year and are a better gamble
    ( e.g. Goldcorp, IAMGold ). I agree longer term this sector has potential but I prefer copper, moly, and oil right now.
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  7. Looks like its going to be a good day!