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  1. paceahead


    Hello there Traders,

    I am new at this and have set myself a goal to papertrade solidly for the next 6-8 weeks and to keep track of all entries and exits on approx. 20 stocks on the NYSE.

    The only indicators I want to use at this stage are:

    10 min. charts consisting of Full Stoch 120 min., MACD 60 min. Full Stoch 60 min., MACD 30 min. and the Price chart with EMA15 and EMA30.

    How do I go about this?

  2. open an account with ib and use their papertrade account. it is the only one that works exactly like real trading.
  3. bitrend


    How much does it cost to open that account? Does IB require a deposit, how much?

    Can we use their API with that account?

  4. it does not cost anything if you open an account. i understand that the api is also just like a real account.
  5. paceahead


    Hey vhehn,

    I did say I am new at this.

    What is ib, can you give me a link?

  7. nkhoi

    nkhoi Moderator

    or subscibe to and put on as much indicators as you want.
  8. paceahead


    Many thanks.

    Stockcharts will do.
  9. Stalker


    The ib paper account is superb. I´m not sure, but it feels like I almost get worse fills in the simulator compared to real money :)
    Second thing I like is that everything looks exactly like it does with real money. I got damn nervous first time I used it :)
  10. bitrend


    I'm looking for a possibility for implementing a full automated trading software through IB's API. That software will be developed by myself under LINUX using C++. Do you think it's possible? In other words, does IB support that functionality?

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