Papertrading Journal Entry #1 - ZLC

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    So I started reading about technical analysis......and everyday that goes by I become more anxious to learn even more about`s like a passion that`s been consuming me for awhile now, so I`ve read about trendlines, support & resistance and whatnot...I got the thinkorswim platform and I decided to papertrade until I get this down before trading with real money(which I don`t have right now, if you`d trendline the money I have you would notice is not in an "uptrend" mode, but more of a "range bound" line, which is like ZERO lol) I`m currently reading "Trend Trading for a Living" and after doing a scan for companies with at least 500,000 volume, a price of 5-10, and a Beta of 2, I found ZLC(was the one with most volatility), checked the chart and saw it had a nice recent I thought on using it as my first papertrade :)

    Checked the MAs, all were trending up, 20 day MA on top of the 50 day MA, n the latter on top of the 200 MA...after that I checked the MACD, noticed the convergence and the histogram for the bullish strength, so far everything good...checked the RSI and noticed it wasn`t over the 70 mark nor below the 30 mark, so for the part I was convinced...didn`t check anymore indicators because I`m trying to learn more about the others so basically didn`t know much about how to read them, just wanted to put into practice the little I`ve learned...So I bought that same day which was on a pullback period, so I bought at 4.92(the excitement to buy rushed me, cuz I should`ve waited for a longer retracement, but didn`t do it, but it was good cuz I realized I gotta control and work on my emotions, I`ll learn more about entry points along the way...) then put a stop order right at support, 3.50.

    So now I`m just waiting for monday to see wazzzup with my trade...another thing I want to learn is how to calculate BEFORE doing the trade my maximum amount to be lost, I`ve read everywhere that`s the first thing you should do although I confess I didn`t do it :\ if anyone can help me how to calculate that, n if i`m not explaning myself too good, I mean if I`m gonna put a LMT order at 4.92, how to calculate what`s gonna be my stop order if all I want to risk in this trade(as my personal risk-management rule) is 2%.

    Would gladly appreciate any comments and any help on how to become a great trader and how to best learn about trading :)

    I can`t wait to become the next George Soros/Stevie Cohen xD and with your help/books/practice I know I will someday...

    thx for listening to my noob-trading-ramblings, and I hope I get to learn a lot from many of you, look forward to getting to know you guys...later!!!:p