Paperdummy trade setups

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  1. No BS, just trade setups.

    Experience: Scalping at prop firm, broker at brokerage

    Paper account $25,000

    Commissions ignored.

    Goal: Find funds for trading account by demonstrating ability to find and execute trade setups.
  2. Sounds a bit desparate...

  3. Very perceptive. Wish I knew what to do with my future.
  4. TS#001

    SHORT 1000 JVA @ 29.75-30.00

    STOP LOSS @ 32.00

    Profit target 23.50
  5. Go for it and good luck
  6. plyka


    I wonder if this actually works. Can you get people to trust you with money by posting a journal here? I don't actually know, that's why i'm asking.

    I've made great returns for many years, but only trade/invest a few family/friend accounts. I am interested in if this works or not, because it is very difficult to actually get in the industry and get money to manage.
  7. BUY (SHORT COVER) 1000 JVA @ 23.50

    Trade P/L +$6500

    Current equity $32000
  8. Nice call. However in reality, traders have not been able to get a locate on this stock for days. The float is a paltry 2.15m.
  9. True, what about a CFD for price action?

    "Reality" is a interesting word to use in a discussion about a coffee roasting company that is up 500% in the last 6 months.
  10. TS#002

    BUY 1000 WFM @ 67.00

    STOP LOSS @ 64.00

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