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  1. I was trading equities now for 2 yrs. and want to broden my horizons into FOREX, FUTURES AND OPTIONS......thus is the question..................what websites/broker offer FREEEEEEEEE.............paper trading services on any particular market??????
  2. Anybody HELP:mad:
  3. ozzy


    Try Interactive Brokers.
  4. IB

    Oanda is a great FX broker with a very good demo!

  5. thanks
  6. oooooooo. on IB i think you have to open an account and u have to be 21 or older which i am not.
  7. No, you can try their demo without an account.

    How old are you?
  8. 17........becouse I tried to open an account there couple of weeks ago and it stated that i have to be 21 or older and they dont have custodian i went to MB tired of scottrade thats y i left them..........well ill try now to open a demo account on IB
  9. romik


    go to the brokers section above and click on the links to their websites, most of them would offer you 1-4 weeks free trials of their software.
  10. All you have to do is click the demo TWS button, no need for an account.

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