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    Why paper trading is bad ? It's not that bad except you fool
    yourself and learn precious little.
    This is a site I just found. It's only futures and forex. Pooled
    money on all contacts pertinent. I think if they are "up and up"
    they are a perfect way to ease into futures and forex. Also if
    you are not yet full time this is a cheap way to get involved and
    start paying attention to prices.

    By the way - anyone has been short the spooz in the last few days ?????
  2. has really worked for me. I would guess that I'm not alone on this.

    When something in my trading goes "wrong" I stop trading and do a day or two of papertrading to try to find out what's going on. Yes, I know, slippage and all that stuff isn't factored in to my raw numbers when I papertrade so what I (arbitrarily) do is cut my winnings by 50%. If I'm still good after that then I'm good to go. If not, I keep papertrading...I've probably saved thousands of dollars using paper trades.

    IMO, there's nothing wrong with paper trading or going back to 100 share lots. I don't play around with my trading capital...ever...even with low cost futures contracts.
  3. this site I quoted above please post some feedback.
    I think it's a better way to play around with futures if you
    play with 300-500 dollars of real money. My understanding from
    futures (misc.investing.futures) usenet site is that it's clean
    and won't dissaprear with your funds. I will however not
    be liable - so read disclaimer.

    I am not affilicated in any way with above site. They are
    in Uruguay and I am here

    P.S. usenet futures site has some value among the endless
    "come ons"

    P.P.S the problem that as mini traders with one lot can not
    go back to 1/2 a contract. Still you can lose plently with one
    lot. Also you can make some. If you were short in the last
    two days on lot for 50 points is not chicken shit, it's chicken
    salad :) conversely if you were long and stayed lonh you lost
    some money.
  4. What a bonehead!, not you! :( I completely missed the point of your post and somehow got on a jag about paper trading.

    Damned if I know why. Full moon, bad gin, who knows, who cares.

    Jim B
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    I checked out the site and it looks interesting. I like the ability to trade interest rate futures, like the eurodollar contract. My major concern is about the company itself. They are located in uruguay and are not regulated by any U.S. agencies. Its somewhat like an online casino, with the house taking the other side of a trade.
  6. there are plenty of shops like that in England. You can bet
    smaller size than futures contracts.
    I see your point, but us regulation (CFTC) is not all what it is
    cracked up to be. No matter, there is no substitute for the
    real thing (IB) !!!