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  1. what free online paper trading software that is available for day trading stocks that follows exact market data or real time?
  2. their platform is great for testing before I went live i used their demo account which last forever. And they have the best software you their by barrons
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    Silexx Obsidian is an excellent platform. We offer it to our clients. They offer a 14 day trial to learn more about the program in "demo" mode with live data. After the 14 days are up, you can pay them $100/month and receive the demo environment with the same live data to paper trade.

    Not free, but might be worth it.

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  4. you can sign up for a demo at
    it comes with free real time level 2 data
  5. I had tried their demo before but was not please, especially with their broker "SPEEDTRADER"
  6. I have thought about trying out their platform many times. However, I understand that you need to have an account open with them to obtain the free paper trading software. Do they have live charting and times and sales while paper trading? Because I want something real as possible
  7. Yes they have time and sales and live charting. I use another broker because of commissions now but I still use the tos platform for charting and setups. Their platform is great they have many tools like probability analysis.

    I dont have a live account anymore with TOS but all I did when i first received the demo was fill out an app and select demo. Then just download the demo and you good to go. A great think about tos is ive had both the demo/live platform for three years now and they have not cut me off or charged me anything to use it.
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    Thinkorswim has a very bad fill engine, horrible actually, on their paper trade platform. It simply fills your order as soon as there is a transaction at your price. This means you will be able to buy routinely at the bid and sell routinely at the ask. Just the opposite of what generally happens in real life using the live TOS platform.

    This will give the unwary a very warped view of how easy it is to scalp money from the markets. To correct for this, if the bid ask spread is 1 tick wide, subtract two ticks from all winning trades and add two ticks loss to all losing trades!
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    +1 . TOS sim is crap. You get ridiculous win ratio.
    be careful in choosing your sim platform..

    if you are trading short term futures , TT_SIM is the best. It simulates order queue on the exchange and provides realistic fills

  10. Do any of you guy know of any other free software for day trading stocks? I surf the net and found a site called " and viva trader but these sites are more longer term trading with no charting and times and sales
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