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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by og5, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. og5


    Anyone have a good paper trading program they could recommend?

  2. ButtonTrader, look it up. Best b/a fill simulator I know. Hard to distinguish from the real thing.

  3. Hi og5,

    QuoteTrader is free, and supports several types of simulated trading.
    To begin with, QT includes a built in simulation engine that allows you to control trends, enter orders and gauge P&L. Next, it includes patsystems simulated trading engine that includes similar functionality. Finally, it's integrated into IB, Oanda, GAIN Capital and MB Trading, all of which have great simulation engines for a wide variety of asset classes.

    You can register video and install QuoteTrader free by visiting
    You might find it helpful to view the video documentation to assist in the registration process:
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    Alternatively, email for a product demonstration or additional help, or attend one of our weekly webinars :)


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  4. nitro


    The IB paper trader is tremendous.

  5. Hi nitro,

    in my experience, trades made with the paper-account in IB are not at all accurate. Not only do the tick-quotes differ from the real-world, also the way eg. a limit-order 3 ticks from the price is handled is misleading. It either is executed as soon as the price reaches the limit, or only after it trades through the limit. Both are extreme cases. Buttontrader simulates the position in the bid-queue depending on the changes in the number of bids during the wait.
    If you use Buttontrader as a simulator you will get used to how hard it is to actually buy at the desired price. I would not recommend IB paper-account as a training platform for daytrading.

  6. nitro


    I see. Thanks for the explanation. Is this behavior that you have experienced for both futures and equities?

  7. NinjaTrader's simulated fills seem very accurate to me and you can use it with a variety of brokers if you decide to use it live. It's free for paper/simulated trading.
  8. dst

    dst Interactive Brokers

    Paper trading system uses real time real world quotes.
  9. I can't put my finger on the exact difference but in my experience there is delay and a different, less accurate accumulation of tick-data. For normal swingtrades that is ok of course, but for accurate scalping it is not. Better to use a simulator on the real account.

    Also, there was a rather long thread in another the Automation forum, where a guy called Frosty (i think) had trouble when his ATS went live; it was realtime tested for many weeks on the paper-account but failed when connected to the real one. This too had to do with the way bid/ask levels were updated in the paper account.