Paper trading now at IB.

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  1. Paper Trading Now Available

    Interactive Brokers is pleased to announce IB Papertrader, which will provide trade simulation functionality. Customers wishing to simulate their strategies before they trade can open a paper trading account from Account Management/Trading Access. Your paper trading account will have its own account number, username and password, and will be given the same real-time market data and trading permissions as your actual account. When you log into Trader Workstation with your paper trading username, your trading screen will clearly indicate you are trading in simulated mode to avoid any confusion. Your paper trading account may also be used to test any of your programmed Application Program Interface (API) applications. The beta version of the IB Papertrader, currently only available for US customers trading US products, is being rolled out. It will be fully functional on December 12, 2005. We are looking for feedback on the beta version of IB Papertrader, and encourage you to send an email to with your suggestions.

    >> Anybody had a chance to try it ? How does it work?
  2. Will you adopt your beta releases in the future to first be introduced to the paper trader before you use real live trading accounts as Guinea pigs?

    If so... you have taken a step in the correct direction....

    Michael B.
  3. Ok... so kinda gonna ask same question again...

    1. I want to trade 5 shares of the spy (spyders) a whole bunch of the times a day - in and out - in and out - day trade like crazy in the IB Paper Sim... and that is fine since it wont PDT limit me... right or wrong...

    2. can i set a account amt diff than my real account - is there a link to IB that goes over this in detail...

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    Cool. I tried to sign up for a paper trading account this morning and could not reach the page, no biggie, I can do that during business hours Monday.

    The paper trading account, with a separate account number, is a great thing for me. I can test one system while running another one, and with full functionality, or as full as is possible without an actual trade. Kudos!!

  5. EdgeHunter, are you seriously asking if trading the paper account will trigger a pdt status?
  6. It pained me to write the question as much as it pained you to read it 77' but

    <i><b>Your paper trading account will have its own account number, username and password, and will be given the <u>same real-time market data and trading permissions as your actual account</u></i></b>

    i just want complete clarification... If the SEC or whoever was stupid enuff to set up the PDT in a supposedly free enterprise country why shouldn't some broker be crazy enuff to include it in their sim package...

    as sim PDT regulation... not a real PDT reg
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    It has 100,000 set up as the amount in your account. You can reset it at anytime back to 100000.

  8. Thanks Bert...

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    They should introduce this feature to the real accounts too... :D
  10. :D
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