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  1. Hi ET pll
    Can your tell me of any web site where they let you paper trade future,s so that i can pratice on it for few month before going live with real money
    thank you
  2. My suggestion is that go live with real money. You might be a superstar trader, and might not ever have to paper trade. But, you won't be able to find that out if you papertrade first.

    Go live with real money, and only if you run out of it should you paper trade.
  3. I agree, and the most powerful lessons will be taught to you by your biggest losses.
    My first big loss was 9% and since then I never lost more than 1% on one trade.
  4. I wish I could say the same.

    My first loss on the very 3rd trade was for 88%. (1st and 2nd being trial trades).

    My last loss (today) was for ~35% of my equity.

    I am the one who needs to paper trade. :(
  5. This post is both cute and entertaining. Is that how you became a superstar trader, Ripley? :p

    Kson, you can open demo accounts at most of the brokerage firms listed here. Try Proactive Futures, Transact Futures, Global Futures...etc.

    And yes, you should paper trade until you feel confident enough to go live. Ripley is the exception, not the rule.

  6. Where on earth did you manage to find a market moving more than 30% today?
  7. Lost 80 or some points on a 10 car short positon on the YM. It went up around +120 pts.

    I do too much size, let losses ride, and I also add to losers. I am not a trader, trading is just a legal way for me to get high.
  8. You ought to start considering use of stoplosses otherwise you'll be soon out of buisness.
  9. But when I do make money, I do make a lot as well. I just hate that feeling of getting stopped out.
  10. Thank you traderdon and other ET superstar :)
    i will go on paper trading now and when i get a feel of the trade i will go with live money

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