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    I searched the forums and couldn't find an answer to this. Can someone please recommend a site that offers a Free Demo Account for trading E-mini futures, YM,ER2, etc. etc. etc. A site that I don't have to pay for after a trial period or fund it with an account first. Also is there anyone that has real -time intraday charts ?

    I'd really appreciate any advice.

    Thanks !
  2. you can download NinjaTrader for free and then sign up for a free data feed through Ninja only charges for their software once you decide to trade live through a broker.

    the only thing I'm unsure of is whether this scenario would allow you to demo trade. I think it would but not positive. Good luck and please demo trade much longer than you think you need to. You will hear this often and you'll probably ignore it:( The reason so many people tell you this and the reason we know you'll still ignore it is because we did the exact same thing:)
  3. Highly doubt you will find realtime charts for free or without having to put at least 5k in a futures account. Otherwise, everyone would use this loophole to get out of paying for a charting package.

  4. Open E cry will allow you to use their DOM and charting software for free for 2 weeks and then it is about $15 a month. I know it is not free but for that $15 you do get their DOM which is very good, and their charts which are more than adequate for practicing. I trade through them and they are excellent. Go check their reviews and PM the guys who left them for additional info. Most who try them are very satisfied.

    Ninja Trader is also a viable solution.
  5. Try NinjaTrader with Zen-Fire through Amp can demo the software for as long as you want. Just keep asking for extensions from the broker you deal with at Amp. You don't have to deposit $$$ into an account to use the demo. And NinjaTrader is free (the basic entry + charts) once you open an account. Or you can choose the $50 a month option that includes additional features.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks for all of the great replies.

    I'm really new to this and all of the info can make it overwhelming in the beginning. Any idea what would be the easiest platform to use, basically I just want to do simulated trading of ES futures with real time data. I guess I dont mind paying a little if it means its something reliable and easy to follow. Ease of use and understandability would be key at this point.

    Thanks Again !
  7. I've been position trading equities for some time and looking to move into trading the YM and ES during the evenings EST.
    As I have a real day job I'm only able to trade real-time during the evenings.

    I'm thinking about opening an account with IB and using Button Trader as the trading interface.


    1: Would IB and ButtonTrader be a good combination for beginning trader in index futures?

    2: Do traders find the YM and ES liquid enough during the evening period?

    Any feedback or suggestions?
  8. Too hard to trade those two at night. Like watching the paint dry.
  9. hey, if you traded before, than its easier than somone green.. just trade 1 contract, with real money & realistic expectations, why spin your wheels any other way.. put your stops in & you will learn quickly.. my advice, i don't believe in paper trading, its all fantasy, you want a fantasy then getting pam anderson in bed can be it.. otherwise real money bro.. just the truth.

  10. Your statement " I am really new to this " makes me nervous. You should paper trade for at least six months. You should understand the difference between direct access brokers and those that are not. I will let you figure that out. Data is a separate issue as well. The data from the exchanges real time is an expense paid either by you or the broker. With a direct access broker like IB or Tradestation you usually pay a platform fee plus data fee, plus commissions. There are a myriad combinations of both data and brokers with their own software. You should check out the broker threads and see who you like. Nothing wrong with that, also you can get a real time demo for forex which is a whole other area. This is a big topic so spend some time researching platforms. Careful if you jump straight into futures, you will likely lose due to not respecting leverage or you will get lucky and think you are the smartest guy on earth. Another idea is to paper trade the cbot mini dow, you can go to the CBOT (Chicago Board of Trade ) and they have a live feed on gold, sliver and dow emini. Check this out its free and no one will call you asking to fund an account. When you lose money you can simulate portfolio heat by putting your hand on a hot stove. Good luck!!:)
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