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    Hi everybody.

    My name is Rezo, decided to try E-Mini S&P 500 (#EPU3) and E-mini Nasdaq 100 (#ENQU3 ). This is only an attempt, and may not work. I think trader needs to expand to different markets, and even if one market is good to you, it doesn't mean it will be good forever (at least that's my opinion). Long time wanted to do this, but finally decided to. The earlier I start looking/trying different markets - the better. If this experiment goes ok, I may add minis to my trading tools (at least after 3 month based results, 6 months even better - will see) and maybe start trying another market. Now little about my trading style:
    I am trying same approach as on forex, so lets see how it goes here. I am not a day trader, but more of position trader, so single trade may be held as long as 1 to 20 days. I prefer more conservative style. On forex I have avg 14 trades a month, but I estimate about 3-5 trades/mo on these two minis (this is only estimated; real numbers will come in some time when we see where this is heading). In brief, don't judge me, this is only paper trading for now.

    Best Regards,
  2. H2O


    Rezo, keep in mind that the contracts you're going to follow will expire in september.... (They are the U contracts, switching to the Z contracts)

    If your horizon is this long, you might want to start out by trading the december contracts now (Z) but there's less volume now since most daytraders are using the september (U)

    Hope this helps
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    Thanks H2O, I know. I am a speculant, so am trading this for now. Could someone recommend if there is a demo platform I can use to trade this contracts?
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    I found cgi demo now - they have cdf. Is there anything better you ppl can recommend? Its just for demo at the moment, so I guess it will do.
  5. 998


    You could try - he has a free downloadable simulator I used to use for es on IB feed .

    It only does market orders but you can use stops, set commission, slippage etc.
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    Thank you 998.

    Ok, very little rebound here, but I will be "selling" both ES and NQ today.
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    sold ES@1013.00
  8. rezo_s


    initial target 986.50
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    Well, it appears that cgi i trading CDFs, so this was s&p and not ES. Ok, so the price at the moment on ES was 1014.25. I thought why such a difference between cgi and charts? So stop and target are same. Here are the details of this trade:
    entry 1014.25
    initial target 986.50
  10. rezo_s


    sold NQ @1348.50
    #10     Sep 11, 2003